WIAW – My First Time!

Today marks a tremendous moment in my blogging history: my first WIAW post. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to lose my WIAW virginity once and for all. I honestly wish I had more exciting food to share with y’all for my first time but oh well 🙂 And here we go!

These eats are from this past Sunday. Just a typical day off from work filled with laundry and running errands despite the slushy snow that was all over the parking lots combined with rain. Seriously, Ohio. Get your act together. The weather has been abysmal lately and I’m tired of it!

For breakfast I had bacon, toast with a little butter, and scrambled eggs that I cooked in the bacon grease. Topped with cheese, because I’m trying to use up my fridge’s contents before I go home for Christmas this weekend. And also, because cheesy eggs are awesome.

For lunch I cooked some brown rice with peppers and onions and a jalapeño for some kick. Unfortunately, even though I added the seeds, the jalapeño didn’t add nearly enough kick for me so I had to supplement with some cayenne pepper afterwards. Still delicious though! The chicken was marinated in lime juice and tequila 😀 then thrown on the george foreman, aka the lazy girl’s best friend.

Dinner was inspired by my intense craving for caramelized onions. Seriously, if those things didn’t take so much attention to make, I would add them to every meal. I caramelized the onions, deglazed the pan with some marsala wine to make a little bit of a sauce and tossed it with sautéed red peppers and whole wheat penne. The chicken was marinated in a lemon pepper marinade and topped with Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning because who doesn’t just love lemon pepper!! 😛 Then, once again, thrown on the george foreman.


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