WIAW – My First Time!

Today marks a tremendous moment in my blogging history: my first WIAW post. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to lose my WIAW virginity once and for all. I honestly wish I had more exciting food to share with y’all for my first time but oh well 🙂 And here we go!

These eats are from this past Sunday. Just a typical day off from work filled with laundry and running errands despite the slushy snow that was all over the parking lots combined with rain. Seriously, Ohio. Get your act together. The weather has been abysmal lately and I’m tired of it!

For breakfast I had bacon, toast with a little butter, and scrambled eggs that I cooked in the bacon grease. Topped with cheese, because I’m trying to use up my fridge’s contents before I go home for Christmas this weekend. And also, because cheesy eggs are awesome.

For lunch I cooked some brown rice with peppers and onions and a jalapeño for some kick. Unfortunately, even though I added the seeds, the jalapeño didn’t add nearly enough kick for me so I had to supplement with some cayenne pepper afterwards. Still delicious though! The chicken was marinated in lime juice and tequila 😀 then thrown on the george foreman, aka the lazy girl’s best friend.

Dinner was inspired by my intense craving for caramelized onions. Seriously, if those things didn’t take so much attention to make, I would add them to every meal. I caramelized the onions, deglazed the pan with some marsala wine to make a little bit of a sauce and tossed it with sautéed red peppers and whole wheat penne. The chicken was marinated in a lemon pepper marinade and topped with Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning because who doesn’t just love lemon pepper!! 😛 Then, once again, thrown on the george foreman.


Nutrition in the News: Healthy Eating Can Be Costly

A recent study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health led researchers to conclude that healthy diets cost $1.50 more per day than unhealthy diets. A seemingly minute difference, but when added up over the course of a year, you’re looking at an extra $550 spent on eating if you choose a heathy diet, per person.

(Continue reading about the study here)

Let’s take a step back here and really think about what this research is telling us. Yes, it can be more expensive to eat the healthiest of meals when compared to the unhealthiest of meals. This isn’t shocking, just compare a can of almonds to a bag of potato chips and it’s easy to see how the difference in cost can add up fast. While it is truly a shame that eating healthier is costlier, think about this:

You go to a fast food restaurant and order a value burger, value fries, and value soda. You’ve now purchased almost 1000 calories for just a few bucks. To make a similar 1000 calorie salad is obviously going to cost more. But we shouldn’t be comparing the cost of a “healthy calorie” to the cost of an “unhealthy calorie”. Instead we should be comparing the cost of satiety, fullness, and how long that feeling of satiety lasts.

I don’t know about you, but I can scarf down a double cheeseburger from Mickey D’s in 5 seconds flat but an hour later and I’m hungry again. On the other hand, if I eat a spinach salad with grilled chicken on it, I won’t be hungry for at least twice as long!

This type of research is important, but I worry that an non-nutrition educated reader might see the headline and think “aha! See! I’m not rich enough to eat healthy!”. They might not think past the immediate difference in price and miss what questions aren’t being answered by the headline: how much of that unhealthy food do you have to consume to stay full, how much of the unhealthy food do you have to consume to meet your micronutrient requirements, how much money will you have to spend on doctors bills in the future when you are having heart surgery due to your clogged arteries from years of eating the “cheap” food.

Choosing Your Path

It can seem daunting as an 18 year old, the idea of choosing a major that will eventually be your career for the rest of your life. Or perhaps you were like me when you were 18, so sure of yourself and so 100% committed to the idea of one career path and you thought there was no way you were ever going to do anything else but that.

In high school I excelled academically, just as I had done in all my classes growing up. I never had to study for more than maybe an hour before a test, even when I got to the AP courses like calculus and biology. I graduated with almost a 4.9 GPA and school was a cakewalk for me. Unfortunately, while this bolstered my confidence in school, it did nothing to hone my studying skills.

When I started at OSU I was a biology major in the honors program on the pre-dentistry track. Why dentistry? Honestly I have no idea. I think because I did well in school I wanted to aim for a difficult profession. But the fact that seeing someone spit makes me nauseous should have been a big red flag that being a dentist was not a good idea for me 😛

My first quarter of classes began and I took the same approach to them as I had in high school which was pretty much: do nothing. My first chemistry midterm I took I remember studying my notes 30 minutes before the exam, and I hadn’t done a single homework program the entire quarter. Needless to say I did horribly.

The next year or so was spent struggling and trying to salvage my destroyed GPA after my abysmal first quarter. Eventually I did cultivate some GREAT studying habits and “tricks” but I had realized that with my GPA there was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that I was going to be able to get into dental school. Also, I knew that biology was not my passion so I needed to pick a new major. I started thinking about dropping out of Ohio State and applying to nursing school at the local community college so I signed up for a few pre-reqs that were required for their program. One of those classes was an intro to nutrition course for medical professionals.

nutritionasvabI. Fell. In. Love. Every day that I went to that class I was mesmerized. It was the first course I took in college that actually captivated my attention and the first textbook I had that I found myself looking forward to getting home and reading it! Nutrition impacts every single person on this earth and with the current obesity epidemic, the implications of the subject are growing exponentially! I knew that I had to learn more. I didn’t even know what a registered dietitian was (or that it was different from calling yourself a nutritionist) but after some googling and a little research through Ohio State’s majors websites I realized that that was my career path.

My path isn’t the traditional one since I didn’t get into OSU’s dietetics program and had to go back to school to make my dream become a reality, but I think that it has helped me grow as osugrada person. It also has allowed me the chance to work full time as a college graduate and exposed me to a whole world of food science that I didn’t even know existed. My experience as a microbiologist is making me more well-rounded and improved my laboratory techniques which will help me if I ever decide to go into the research side of dietetics.

The moral of my story is this: Don’t feel like you have to stick with your declared major in college. I didn’t change my major until I was a JUNIOR and I still managed to graduate on time!! Choose a major that you absolutely love that will lead you to a career that will make you happy and college will be a lot less stressful and much more enjoyable for you 🙂

Mic Check 1-2-3…

Is this thing on? 🙂 Hi, to whoever might have stumbled upon this blog of mine! I’ve been following a number of healthy lifestyle blogs for years and years and only recently began to consider starting one of my own!

A little about me: I’m a 23 year old microbiologist working and living in Columbus, Ohio! Go Buckeyes! I was born and raised in a small town in North Carolina but moved to Ohio to attend the best damn school in the land, THE Ohio State University. I majored in human nutrition and after graduating in 2012, I decided to work full-time while I went back to school part-time to pursue my dream of becoming a registered dietitian.

After taking a few prerequisite courses, I finally started my didactic program in dietetics through the University of Northern Colorado (online) this past August and so far I’m loving it! I’ve only taken one course through the program, and we just wrapped up our finals week on Wednesday, but my professor was great and I really enjoyed the material of the class!

This blog is going to be a culmination of all the things in my life that I have a passion for: nutrition, cooking, fitness, as well as documenting my journey to becoming a registered dietitian. The last part is the main reason why I decided to create this blog, as I felt there was a lack of bloggers out there currently going through dietetics school and I know that I hope my posts about school can help other dietetics students out when it comes time to take the GRE, apply for dietetic internships (so nervous about getting matched!), and maybe I can offer some helpful tips to fellow students!

With the holidays coming up, I’m going to be a bit busy over the next couple of weeks getting my presents together and traveling home for Christmas, but hopefully I will have a REAL post (this one doesn’t count!) soon.